....Welcome to the New Era of Alternative Energy Medicine!

What if there was a device that you could put in your hands - to use at home -......

...that would give you a 29 page readout of exactly what was going on your body?

What if this same device could then send frequency healing, and bring balance and restoration to the deficiencies and disorder in your body too?

AO Scan Mobile
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AO Scan Mobile....

Features and Benefits of the AO SCAN Mobile

Quantum Touch Energy healing

features of the Mobile include

✓ Inner Voice-Emotional & Trauma Healing

Color Therapy - specto-chrome colored glasses option

INNER-voice – Intuitive Electronic Voice Analysis

✓ SCAN – Scan reports similar to blood & urine tests – of

Blood, GI, Nutrition, Organs, Glands, Muscles, Toxins, etc.

Corrected w/ therapeutically balancing oscillations

✓ COMPREHENSIVE – Detailed Body Scans

Organs, glands, nerves, veins, digestive, chromosomes, etc.

Corrected w/ therapeutically balancing oscillations

✓ S.E.F.I. – Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter - make homeopathics, radionics, energy medicine 'specific-to-you'.

✓Ability to perform Remote Scans!

✓The AO Scanner has a detection mode and a correction mode-Quickly and easily determine what your body needs, then immediately balances the frequencies!

Main Benefits of the AO Scan Device

✓ OPTIMAL NUTRITION - Reads which nutrients are deficient in your body – and runs the balancing frequencies - informing you on whats needed in order to restore and maintain your health.

✓ DETOX - Reads what specific toxins, parasites, pathogens, fungus and molds are present - and runs frequencies to balance and eradicate any persistent toxins.

✓ EMOTIONAL & TRAUMA HEALING - Reads your emotions via the Inner Voice module - then provides sound therapy and color therapy to bring your emotional state into harmony and balance.

✓ HOMEOPATHY - Create potent & uniquely ‘specific-to-you’ homeopathics and radionics that are generated from your whole body scan. The balancing blueprint information can be imprinted into bracelets, necklaces, your own jewelry, patches, and insoles - to be worn. or pellets, tinctures, elixirs, and nosodes - to ingest, to continually balance the frequencies for homeostasis and health.

they said

"Taking my first Quantum Touch session with you might be the best decision I have ever made." Jared C.

Kimberly F.

"Would you believe that I have not had a SINGLE headache since our call? You are a miracle worker."
I wasn't even headachy while moving, which was very stressful. I sit at the same desk and in the same chair, so that can't be what's helped. The stretches made all the difference, and now I don't have to do them very often at all-but still have no headaches or pain, months after our session!

jared c.

It felt as if my body were a machine running on its lowest setting, and you helped me kickstart it to its optimal setting!

I am in such humble gratitude in the face of your beautiful work and the ocean of love that you share through it. Since our first session, my life has changed in ways I did not actually think possible until now. I feel more like myself than I ever have with ever increasing mental clarity and physical energy every day!

It felt as if my body were a machine running on its lowest setting, and you helped me kickstart it to its optimal setting. You give many gifts in such little time. The advice and knowledge you shared was highly practical, informative, and has helped me to better understand myself as I seek to achieve balance in my daily life. 

How does it work?

Every cell, organ and gland in the body has its own specific resonant frequency or oscillation. These oscillations can become disturbed or disrupted by stress, trauma, injury, diet, parasites, mold, virus, bacteria, EMFs, toxin exposure, and emotional disturbances.

  First it Detects frequencies of the various cells, tissues and organs of the body and compares them with the database of healthy frequencies to determine abnormalities

  Generates a detailed 24 page report of the health analysis of all the organs, systems and tissues of the body along with recommended action.

  Then in treatment, therapeutically it turns those balancing frequencies back to the body, specific to the scanned areas.

 Clients see their numbers change in real time during the process, and they can see a comparison of how over time the treatment has worked.

Denise Wllinger, Quantum Touch Energy Healer, Instructor

AO Scan Mobile therapeutically achieves "entrainment" in the body-mind

Through entrainment, we can synchronize or harmonize various organs and cells in the body. When an organ begins to vibrate out of its natural frequency, information signaling processes can become blocked or distorted negatively impacting many metabolic functions. The organ then becomes vulnerable to potential imbalances—deterioration, disease, viruses, bacteria, and so on.

When we reinforce its natural frequency through entrainment with frequency transmissions from AO Scan Mobile, the organ’s resonance is restored, it regains its energy, the intruder energy that was causing damage ceases to exist, and the organ is restored to health.

Want to know more about the science behind the AO Scan?

Click here to read more!

give it a try!

There are two ways to experience the AO Scan for yourself



How it works -

You book and pay for your session through my calendar.

You'll receive an email with a questionnaire prior to our session.

Your AO Scan is performed from the comfort of your home, or in my office at Serenity Spa

Remote session: We meet on zoom at the appointed time.

You'll receive your homeopathic remedy after the AO Scan.

I call you on your mobile phone from the AO Scan Mobile Device which connects you to the system to perform the biofeedback evaluation Scan as well as the therapy.

You receive a follow up email with your results and a Healing recording of the Sound Frequencies to listen to anytime - and the healing begins.

Bon Conducting headphones for AO SCan

AO Scan Wellness Consultation includes:

Price $250

Your Virtual AO Scan-

Includes Comprehensive and Vitals Reports and Optimization, along with the Inner Voice session, and recordings (perfect to use with daily meditations or healing sessions!)

Homeopathic/Radionic remedy (broadcast daily for 7 days and/or mailed to you after the appointment)

30 minute follow up appointment in one week to look at results and follow up scan.



Why Own an AO Scan?

You want the ability to access to thousands of health factors going on in your body, then therapeutically optimize your body – in minutes – at home, daily or even weekly. Watch the scans & your health improve.

You want this technology to improve your own health and/or that of your loved ones, friends, clients, patients, etc. At this price point many choose this just for the health and wellbeing of their own families.

You're a health & wellness conscious person who loves helping others to put their health into their own hands by sharing this proven healing modality.

You have the desire to increase your income by sharing something that you believe in. (Sure you can make money promoting this, but really it's here on my site to help you to take your own health into your own hands, and to help others by telling them about it too).

Wholesale Pricing includes:

$49 Initial Order

$495 for Your Personal AO Scan Mobile Device

$149/mo for the App - Basic Package

Weekly Zoom calls and Video Training with Energy Healers, Denise Willinger and Nancy Cerniglia

No contract

Full refund if not satisfied.

Ready to buy a device? Text me at 502-200-9844 for phone/zoom support to walk you through the purchase!

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